Kit 6 Digital Talkies with Headsets and Multi Charger

90,00 € HT/J

Kit 6 Digital Talkies with Headsets and Multi Charger

Kit composed of 6 HYT PD 405 Walkie Talkies, a charger base with 6 inputs and a headset per talkies.
Digital voice, clearer and louder. Dual channel capacity. Combined analog and digital channel.
16 channels reserved for Global Production Supply.
The first 8 channels are low power (0.5 Watts), ideal for confined spaces such as trays or large rooms. The last 8 channels use the maximum power of the transmitter (5 Watts) to communicate between long distances or through walls.
They can be operated with analog walkie talkies. Autonomy greater than 16 hours.


Talkies x 6
Headset x 6
Multiple Charger x 1
Transport case x 1
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