Battery Powerbank 1 kW

80,00 € HT/J

Battery Powerbank 1 kW

The Powerbank 1 kW is a green and silent way to bring you power. it can develop up to a 2 kW of continuous power.
It also features the following options : Addition of up to 2 battery racks allowing a gain of 40 amp (20 amp per rack), a fast charge charger, and a charger equipped with solar panels.
This portable battery pack and its equipment make it an essential item of green energy.


Power delivered 1000 W
Peak Power 2000 W
Capacity 40 Amp
Additional capacity Yes, 40 Amp max
Use ≃ 1 h at full power (without added battery)
Full charge on slow charge 5 h with 2 chargers
Recharge Complete in Quick Charge 1 h with 1 charger
Weight 18 kg
Length 37 cm
Width 39 cm
Height 18 cm
Accessory Fast charge battery, Solar panel battery, additional battery
Color Siver
+33 (0) 1 48 51 96 89 58 avenue de la Dhuys, 93170 Bagnolet

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