Kit 6 Walkies Talkies with headset and Multi-Charger

75,00 € HT/J

Kit 6 Walkies Talkies with headset and Multi-Charger

Kit composed of 6 HYT TC-620, a charger base with 6 inputs and a headset per talkies.
4CM speaker Crystal Clear sound with suppression of background noise (squelch).
16 channels reserved for Global Production Supply.
The first 8 channels are low power (0.5 Watts), ideal for confined spaces such as trays or large rooms.
The last 8 channels use the maximum power of the transmitter (5 Watts) to communicate between long distances or through walls.
Autonomy greater than 9 hours in communication.


Talkies x 6
Headset x 6
Multiple Charger x 1
Transport Case x 1
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58 avenue de la Dhuys, 93170 Bagnolet
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