Makeup Mirror with LED Lighting

40,00 € HT/J

Makeup Mirror with LED Lighting

GlassMak Studio is the first makeup mirror with LED lighting generating high quality light and a very fine color temperature tolerance. Color temperature is adjustable from 3000°K to 5600°K to get the same renderingvas that of the film set. It has sober and aesthetic design.Thanks to its lightness and its two carrying handles, installing the workstation is easy.
Two universal outlets to standard nearly 150 countries will allow you to plug your makeup accessories or hairdressing.
Each outlet has 2 USB ports for charging smartphones, tablets or other electronic device.
We can also provide the tripod "GlassMak Holder" or its battery holder for full autonomy in the most isolated places.


Size Open (INCH) 29,13x 33,07x 3,54
Size Closed (INCH) 29,13x 33,07x 4,72
Weight 37.4 lbs
Size Mirror (INCH) 23,42 x 25,78
Output Lighting System 12V DC-5A, 65W Max
Type LED
+33 (0) 1 48 51 96 89 58 avenue de la Dhuys, 93170 Bagnolet

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